Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Breakfast Berry Mousse with Almond Crumble

I stood in my kitchen this morning wondering what to have for breakfast. I didn't really feel like eggs, I'd had oatmeal quite a few times this week, but I did need to finish up the canned apricots I had opened the other day. I decided I wanted something fruity and as I started to get things out of my cupboard and fridge, this new recipe was created:

Berry Breakfast Mousse with Almond Crumble

200g mixed berries
100g chopped apricots
2 egg whites
200g low fat cottage cheese
1-2 Tbsp low fat milk
1/2 cup of Splenda or Caster Sugar (fine sugar)
50g rolled oats
40g raw almonds
20g butter (chopped)
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg

Mix berries and chopped apricots in a bowl and set aside. Place egg whites in a bowl and beat until they form stiff peaks. Beat in Splenda/sugar in batches until all mixed. Blend cottage cheese with low fat milk until smooth and then fold into egg white mixture. Fold in fruit and pour into an oven dish.

Place oats, almonds, chopped butter, cinnamon and nutmeg into a food processor and process until it forms a crumb-like consistency. Spread evenly over the fruit, egg white & cottage cheese mixture. Place dish in oven and bake at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 40 minutes.

Nutritional Information (Total Recipe)
Calories = 901
Fat = 39
Carbohydrates = 87.7g (Fibre = 21g)
Protein = 54.7g


  1. This looks so YUM!!! Thanks for recipe!