Monday, February 28, 2011

Do You Eat Mindlessly?

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Over the past couple of weeks I've been reading the book Mindless Eating written by Brian Wansink.  I'd always heard about the little things you could do to help you eat less or feel more satiated when you sat down for a meal but it wasn't until I read this book that it became quite clear in my mind how it worked.

I found the book very easy to read and the information was presented simply with plenty of examples  of experiments.  The information was also very interesting and at times amusing.  Our world these days really is set up so that we buy more food and overeat and people seem to get tricked by the stupidest things!

Being "Mindful" of these strategies will give you a repertoire of tools to help you fight the automatic internal scripts that make us overeat and put on unneeded fat. I definitely recommend you read the book, as it gave me a clearer picture of how these little tools and tricks worked. Here is just a selection of interesting facts and some of the ways in which our modern life leads us to Mindlessly Eat.

Mindless Fact #1 The size of the container we eat out of matters. 

In one experiment, unsuspecting movie goers were given one of two containers of popcorn: medium or large size.  There was a catch though; the popcorn was not fresh, but stale (5 days old).  Despite the popcorn being stale, the people that were given the large bucket still ate more than the people that were given the medium bucket.  They even told the people that were given the large bucket that some people had been given the medium bucket and that they {the researchers} have found on average that a person given a large size container eats more than if they are given a medium size container.  Most disagreed saying that wouldn't happen to them.  However, the large container group ate 173 more calories of popcorn.

This rule applies to the size of packages of food we purchase; we consume more from bigger packages.  Say for example you purchase a 300g box of cereal and a 1kg box of cereal.  You will always pour more from the 1kg box than the 300g box unless you are actually measuring the amount of cereal (say 1/2 cup) or aiming to fill the bowl to the brim in both cases. It applies to other items too such as shampoo.

Mindless Fact #2 Visual Cues are important

If there is evidence of how much we have eaten, we eat less. In one experiment people were given chicken wings to eat.  On one table the chicken bones were left on the table therefore giving the diners a visual representation of how much they had eaten.  On the other table, the bones were cleared away at regular intervals.  The diners on the table that had their bones cleared away ate 28 per cent more than the diners that did not have their bones cleared away. Further to the visual cues, another experiment showed that feeling full or not hungry is not as strong a signal to stop eating as visually seeing how much we have eaten.  When a group of students were asked when they would stop eating a bowl of soup, the majority of them answered that they would stop when the bowl was empty or if it was half full.  Only a fifth of them said they would stop when they were not hungry anymore.  The experimenters rigged a bottomless soup bowl which kept refilling itself no matter how much the students ate. Half the students ate from the rigged bowls and half ate from normal bowls.  The  people eating from the rigged bowls ate around 15 ounces vs the normal bowls at 9 ounces.

Mindless Fact #3 The bigger the meal, the worse we are at estimating calories

People are quite good at estimating the weight of small objects compared to large objects. If you ask someone to estimate the weight of a book versus a whole shelf of books they were be fairly accurate at estimating the weight of the book.  The same goes for small versus large meals.  The more people eat the less accurate they are at estimating what they have eaten. 

Mindless Fact #4 More variety = more calories eaten

People given a bag of M&Ms with ten colours eat much more than those given a bag with seven colours.  People ate almost twice as many jelly beans if all the different colours are mixed up rather than neatly arranged in separate bowls according to colour.

Mindless Fact #5 Being intelligent and informed doesn't mean you won't be "tricked" into eating more. 

A group of students at a top university were given a 90 minute education session with demonstrations on how larger serving bowls make you eat more. Six weeks after the lecture, they were invited to a Super Bowl party.  Half the students were lead into room that had snacks served in two large gallon bowls and were given plates and asked to serve as much as they wanted.  The other half were led into a room where the snacks were served in four half gallon bowls.  Their plates that they served themselves were secretly weighed and the students that served themselves from the gallon bowls took 53 per cent more and also ate 59 per cent more!  Even though they had sat through an extensive lecture on the very topic several weeks ago, they still fell for the mindless eating tricks!

Mindless Fact #6 Convenient Foods make you eat more

Both proximity and how ready-to-eat the food is makes a difference here.  If a person is presented with two bowls of nuts, one where the nuts are still in their shell and one where they are shelled and ready to eat, that person will eat more nuts from the shelled bowl.  If a candy bowl is within reach versus across the room a person will end up eating more.  The trip across the room gives the person a chance to  think about what they're doing and if they're really hungry for the snack.

Individual packaging indicates serving sizes to people and a "stopping point".  People are more likely to adhere to a serving size if it is clearly marked or there is a "barrier" such as an individually wrapped packet. If you have two open packets of cookies and one has each cookie individually wrapped, whereas the other doesn't the average person would eat more from the unwrapped packet than the individually wrapped ones. Individually wrapped food might cost more but we do eat less of it.

Mindless Fact #7 The description of the food makes a difference

An experiment was carried out in a cafe where a selection of dishes were served one week with plain, factual names and the next week with embellished fancy names. The food with the embellished names sold  more and not only that the customers rated the fancy named dish better than the same dish with a plain, factual name.  This little trick can also work positively for you; the next time you invite guests around for dinner, try giving the dishes fancy names and suddenly the food will taste much better.

Mindless Fact #8 Low Fat labels give us an excuse to eat more

A group of people were either given normal granola or low fat granola to eat during  movie.  The granola was clearly labeled as ""low fat or "regular".  The group given the low fat granola ate 49 per cent more which translated to about 84 calories!

The book is right.  I found myself nodding and smiling throughout just thinking how much I had been tricked myself into over eating because of certain cues.  An important part of the book is like the title suggests, we "mindlessly eat".  We often don't listen to our own bodies: am I hungry?  Am I still hungry now that I have eaten half my plate? Am I really craving that?

As an example of how the book affected me, for the first time today, I actually stopped eating my salad when I was full and absolutely didn't want any more.  I actually probably could have stopped half way when I wasn't hungry, but in the past I normally just finish it off, regardless.  The reason for this is partly because of the bodybuilding mindset that I have from my past.  A typical bodybuilder is always making sure they get in enough calories.  I used to weigh my food and if I didn't eat all my food it meant I wasn't getting in all my protein or calories for the day so I would force myself to eat it.  I barely did any of the body"building" part of bodybuilding because I never found it hard to build muscle, but that meant that if I was dieting and wasn't able to finish off my meal, I was afraid I wasn't getting in enough protein.  Now because I am neither concerned with getting to bodybuilding condition or maintaining/building muscle it should not be a concern to me if I cannot finish my meal.

In the past couple of weeks I have noticeably trimmed down.  I do not attribute this to the book at all as I have overhauled my diet in a big way.  I will attribute the knowledge from this book for maintaining a lower body fat percentage in the future.

Read the book.  You will love it!

Tips to take away to help fight Mindless Eating
  • Use small plates and bowls when serving meals
  • Fill your plate but make the majority of your plate low calorie foods like vegetables
  • Don't eat out of packets; serve yourself what you are going to eat and put the packet away. Even better, serve snacks in pre-portioned baggies rather than on a plate.  A packaged snack indicates one serving size and you are less likely to search for more food.
  • When you go to a party plant yourself far away from the snack table
  • If you're a serial snacker, out of sight is out of mind.  Also, try and put the snack in an inconvenient place like a very high cupboard so it is difficult to get to.
  • If you purchase low fat food for whatever reason, follow the steps above to make sure you don't fall into the trap of eating more because it's low fat.  Calories matter most.

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Adorable Animals

I spent my morning just following links for cute animal videos on youtube. A bit of a timewaster as I should be doing other stuff, but it just makes my heart swell and brings me a bit of joy.

First one is you guessed it, a bunny! I need to get Daisy a rug so she will do this. Her main living area is lined with lino, so she slips if she tries to do her bunny jumps (binkies). I wonder what type of music she would like. I have some Deep Forest or Buena Vista Social Club that she might enjoy :-P

Okay I want a pig now. I've always thought they were cute but this is adorable! The way she shakes her head in play reminds me of a bunny rabbit as they do this a lot when they're happy.  In my opinion, people need to start looking outside of the box  ie. cats and dogs when looking for a new pet.  There are so many animals out there that make awesome pets and people don't even know it!

I'm glad to know it's not only me that snores. I hope I only look and sound this cute!

This one just made me laugh...

And finally a little Chinchilla. I love these creatures; their fur is so soft and dense. They are native to the Andes in South America. They take dust baths to clean their fur so you should never let them get wet. They are just adorable! I used to keep mice when I was a kid so they remind me of a giant mouse with those cute ears!

Hope you enjoyed them!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fruits of Labour

I picked a couple of capsicum/bell pepper from my garden the other day.  I was quite thrilled!  The first one I used straight away in my salad for my lunch that day.  The second was used for a stir fry for dinner the next evening. 

From this.... this
A purple variety of capsicum
They have been very easy to grow.  I used a 30L pot, placed some potting mix in there and a little seedling.  I water the plants every day in the evening and try to fertilize them every 1-2 weeks once they are fruiting.  They have quite a long growth cycle and take about 18 weeks to produce fruit. Each plant has produced at least 4-5 fruits so far and typically most plants will produce about 6-10 plants. The plants grow fairly tall for a plant in a pot so you will need to stake them when they start to produce fruit as the fruit weighs down the plant.  Put the pot in a sunny spot and enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Got the good drugs

I had my visit with the Rheumatologist today.  It's the first time I've seen one in perhaps 7 years?  It was a long time coming.  She took a thorough history and did a basic examination on me, looking at my joints and various tests.

My main concern over the past year has been the fatigue, body aches at night which cause me to have trouble going to sleep and my concentration.  The concentration problem as been a huge concern for me.  It takes me weeks to finish a book because most days I can only read about 5-10 pages at a time.  On a good day I can get almost 50 pages read and that is awesome.  I am constantly second guessing myself at work because I feel so foggy a lot of the time that I convince myself I have done the wrong thing.  It's mainly things with entering things into the computer; not really the main part of my job. My memory used to be so sharp and now I have to make sure I write things down when I remember.  The other thing I have noticed if I want to say something and I have trouble remembering a word, I actually have to picture the word in my head before I will be able to say it.  It is incredibly frustrating.  I don't think it is noticeable to the person I am talking to but it can be a huge effort for me to have a conversation, especially if I am asked something. There are rare occasions that I will have a good day and feel awesome.  They are few and far between but when I do have them I remember the day very clearly.  On those days I actually feel invincible.  I feel bright, free of tiredness, excited, very clear headed.  I feel like I could fly almost!  The last time I had one of those days was last year in September.  I actually still remember the one day about 17 years ago I woke up and felt amazing! I had a long sleep and woke up feeling full of beans, ready to just jump out of bed and tackle the day.  I wish I could have those days more often than once every few years.

One thing I did remember to ask her was about diet and autoimmune diseases. I have read in a few places that nightshade vegetables (such as tomatoes, eggplant, potato) are bad for people that have inflammation based health problems such as arthritis and lupus.  My rheumatologist said there is no truth to this claim so I am able to eat these vegetables freely which is wonderful news.  Eggplant happens to be one of my favourite vegetables!  

The outcome of the visit was that she thinks I'm in the group of people that have Lupus but do not have the full blown disease of organ involvement etc. but do have chronic low grade inflammation that causes the symptoms I am having.  I certainly am thankful that I don't have the disease that bad and am able to work, go to the gym and function day to day.  I have been prescribed hydroxychloroquine 400mg per day and ibuprofen as needed.  I currently take ibuprofen most days to get to sleep.  The bonus was I got them on prescription so I got a huge packet (180 x 200mg pills) for $3!  The hydroxychloroquine is slow acting so will take about 3 months to kick in but I am hoping it will improve how I am feeling day to day.  I am especially hopeful that my mind will clear up and I won't feel so much like a fumbling idiot.

Finally, I do think that lately these symptoms I am having are having a big effect on my motivation and training.  As I am so fatigued most days I do have to force myself to go to the gym.  The interesting thing is, unless I have having a particularly bad day, I am still able to perform in the gym.  Like I said to my rheumatologist today, although I am less active than I used to be, I can actually do the activity but it takes a lot of willpower to get up and do it.  Finding that willpower every time I need to go to the gym is exhausting in itself.  Imagine having to fight yourself every time you needed to go to the gym. Ugh.  I want the days back where I wanted to go.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


My abs are sore, my butt is sore and my shoulders and chest are sore.  It was the 200 crunches, 250 lunges and 100 push ups from yesterday!  I hope I develop those long, lean muscles*

*just kidding

I actually did enjoy that workout though.  I initially was trying for five sets, and because I didn't feel so tired by the time I reached five sets, I decided I'd go for ten!

I've been getting up early this week; between 6:30-7am.  I know that's not early for most people, but it's early for me as I'm not in the habit of getting up early.  I'm trying to train myself to be more awake in the morning because eventually I'd like to start training in the morning again.  I really would like to try the high frequency training method, up to 5-6 times a week.  I'm not sure how I will cope with it, but like everyone else that is into weight training, I have weight trained 5x a week in the past following a typical body part split and I am still alive to tell the tale.  My lower body workouts in particular were harsh; back in the day I remember doing about 7 different exercises for my legs/lower body, as heavy as I could go for about 3-4 sets of 20 reps.  I could barely walk up the gym stairs afterward (I used to semi-pull myself up the stairs using the railing) and still had to stumble home.  The walk home was about 30 minutes from the gym. Luckily the walk was pretty much all uphill, because unless you're an idiot you can't really fall uphill.  I'm sure that with some determination and will, 3-4 exercises with less reps five times a week is doable for me.

I'm feeling better today than I did this time last week so I am optimistic about getting to the gym tomorrow after work and having an excellent workout.  I'm a bit apprehensive about my deadlifts though; have not attempted those in 2 weeks now and the last workout with them wasn't feeling too promising.  I shall see tomorrow!

And because this is a random post, here's a random picture of Daisy from the other day.  She's eating a snack here

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friday Night Sew In: 18th February

Yay! Another one.  I love this blog event as it makes me sew.  I'm either going to work on my dress that I've had cut out for ages, or work on some table runners in a left over Christmas fabric I have.  The dress would be an ongoing thing of course because I don't expect to be able to sew it all in one night.  The table runners would definitely be able to be completed in one night.

Visit Crafty Vegas Mom or the link on the button below for more information.

Documentary: A Farm for the Future

I found this on Youtube about a week ago, and thought I would share it with you.  It gives me a lot of food for thought. One thing in particular that interested me was the use of fossil fuels to maintain and harvest certain types of farming.

Vegetarians/Vegans have long argued that a plant diet is not only nutritionally sound but environmentally sound.  This documentary highlights that this is not necessarily so.  Although currently the majority of animal farms currently use a lot of fossil fuels to maintain the animals and fields, small time animal farmers can, with time and research maintain their livestock during winter without the use of heavy machinery and therefore fossil fuels.  Rebecca Hosking says "our hay harvest by far is our biggest single use of machinery and fuel on this farm".  She finds a small time farm who have researched and maintain their cattle throughout the winter months without resorting to hay to feed them.  Their only piece of machinery is a quad bike. Vegetarian and vegan diets are heavily reliant on grain and energy to harvest these foods are heavy on the use of fossil fuels.

Watch and learn.  It is in five parts and can be followed via links in youtube

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Skin Care: What I use

I thought it would be fun to post about my skin regime and what products I use.  I few years ago I started on Dermalogica products after I had a facial at a beauty salon.

Since I have lupus, my skin is super sensitive and I am wary of trying new products.  I wanted to try and switch to more natural products a few years ago but that experiment ended up in disaster.  One of the products I tried, Rose hip Oil, (which is supposedly excellent for skin as it contains retinol and Vitamin C) gave me a rash that lasted almost 3 weeks and was horrid.  I really wanted it to work but had to give up and went back to my trusted Dermalogica products. I'm done experimenting with new stuff unless I get samples as it's expensive and doesn't always yield desirable results for me.

Exfoliating: Daily Microfoliant
As the name suggests, you can use this every day and I have done so in the past, but these days I usually use it every 2-3 days.  It's a very gentle exfoliant; it's almost like a dust when it comes out of the container but you mix it with water and it forms a thick paste.  When you rub it on your face, it doesn't really feel grainy at all, but I do find it equally if not more effective than the more granulated exfoliants.

Cleansing: Dermal Clay Cleanser
Next step is cleansing.  I use the Dermal Clay Cleanser which is good for slightly oily or combination skin. I find now in my 30's my skin is leaning more toward "normal" and less combination.  The product has a fresh minty fragrance and cleanses without drying the skin at all.

Moisturising: Sheer Tint Moisturiser with SPF 15
Final step is my moisturiser.  I love this moisturiser! I purchase the tinted stuff in the medium tint and I don't have to use foundation at all.  The untinted stuff is lovely as well.  I think it has something in the cream that makes your skin sparkle so it gives it a glowy look.

To remove my make up at night, especially around the eyes, I use Dr. Hauschka cream cleanser.  I find it better than a make up remover because you don't have to use tissue or cotton pads to remove.  I just rub it on, massage the skin and rinse with water.  No pulling of the eye area therefore less chance of wrinkles!

When I remember, I try and use an eye cream, Dermalogica's Intensive Eye Cream.  My container is nearly finished so I'm going to try something new next time.

I'm currently on the look out for a new night cream. I tried Olay's Regenerist product but it gave me a mild rash and made my skin feel sensitive.  Luckily the product wasn't too expensive.

Once a week, on Sunday I give myself a mini facial.  I exfoliate, cleanse and the apply a face mask. Once I'm done my skin feels like a babies bottom and it just looks so fresh and bright.

Well, that's pretty much it! I find a huge difference in my skin if I'm lax with my skin care regime so I try and stay on top of it.

One big tip I do have, that doesn't cost anything is facial massage.  If you're starting to get the angry line in between the brows and the forehead lines, regular self massage does wonders.  Think about it: people get botox to temporarily paralyze muscles so that the lines relax and almost disappear.  The muscle in this case is the cause of the wrinkles. If you massage the muscle, it releases the tension and the lines become less prominent.  I'm not sure if it would work on people that already have deep wrinkles, but it certainly works for wrinkles that are just starting to come in.  The trick is to start when you are young so that they don't become established and create permanent lines.  Try it!

Anyone have any tips or suggestions for skin care products?  Especially stuff that stops you from getting old? :-P

Monday, February 7, 2011

Middle of the Night Post

Just a post for me to have a moan.  I just finished half watching a movie, it's late, I go to bed and toss and turn for half an hour; I can't sleep cos my joints are aching.  I should have taken damn ibuprofen even though I wasn't feeling too bad previously. Now I'm up, I've swallowed 600mg of ibuprofen and I'm waiting for it to kick in before I go back to bed.

While I'm up I may as well post further.

As you may have gathered from the lack of training posts this week, I haven't actually trained this week.  There are a combination of reasons: laziness, busyness, tiredness and no motivation.  I'm hoping to get back into it next week, kicking off with a run around the block tomorrow. I haven't been running in a while actually, but I should do alright.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Home Grown

I've been a busy girl around the garden lately.  A few months ago I planted quite a few seeds such as kale and capsicum and cherry tomatoes. 

Some of the things I planted are in containers in my yard and some I planted at my mother's house in her bigger veggie patch.  Here's the loot I picked up from Mum's place a few days ago:

Red Cabbage, Red Russian Kale, Curly Kale, Cherry Tomatoes, Big Beef Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes

Mixed Mesculin Salad
Growing your own vegetables is unreal.  They taste so much better than store bought produce and you can control how you grow them.  I try and grow mine as "organic" as possible. All I do is water them and on some plants use organic fertilizers; I don't spray them with pesticide or anything else untoward.  Most vegetables are so easy to grow and the only care they require is regular watering!  The only thing you really have to bear in mind is whether you are growing them in the right environment.  For example, there is no way basil will grow outside in winter.  It likes warm, sunny environments.  I particularly have enjoyed growing cherry tomatoes this season.  I'm telling you, they taste AMAZING compared to what you purchase in stores.  The flavour is so intense and sweet.  I grew all my cherry tomatoes from seed so for about 1-2 punnets product per week all it cost me was the time watering the plant and about $2 for the seeds!  What a bargain!  Mesculin is easy as pie to grow.  I scatter the seeds on soil and cover with a fine layer of soil; water regularly and then harvest several weeks later.  The plants last quite a long time if you cut the outer leaves.  They're known as a "cut and come again" vegetable.

My favourite herbs to grow are Thyme and Basil. Both are super simple to grow.  The Thyme plant I had I picked up from the garden centre as a seedling.  It has thrived and given me plenty of stems to harvest for recipes.  The basil I grew from seed.  It takes a little bit more care but still is very easy to grow and I use it a lot in salads and recipes.

Here are a few pictures of the other things I grow in containers:



Purple Capsicum





Yellow Capsicum (to be)


Silverbeet/Swiss Chard

Mesculin Salad Mix
Hope you enjoyed the little tour of my garden!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Rabbits: The pet made of awesome

If you've never considered a rabbit as a pet, perhaps it's because you don't know anything about them or because you think they're boring.  Well, today's your lucky day because Aunty Sportsgirl is  going to let you in on the awesome things about them.

1.  They're the best pet for independent people

If you hate the fact that dogs are so needy and in your face all the time or the fact that cats always want to lie on your lap on your bed, rabbits could be the choice for you.  They're very independent creatures, aloof at times but also very affectionate too.

2. Their shit don't stink

Unlike the cat who acts like her shit don't stink (it smells like the depths of hell, people), my rabbit's shit really doesn't stink.  She's also very tidy and craps and pees in her litter box. If she's out an about in our house and she needs to go to the toilet, she will hop into the cage and do her business in the designated area, then come back out again. Apparently in the wild they have a specific area for going potty and it only makes sense to do your business in one place.

3. They can be kept inside

Like the previous point suggests, because rabbits can be litter trained, they can also be kept inside if you live in an apartment and don't have a yard.  If you have quite a small place, keeping a dog might not be the best thing or you might not like cats so consider a rabbit!

4. You can recycle their shit

For people that like gardening, rabbit poo makes great compost.  If you use a biodegradable product for their litter even better, because you can recycle that too.

5. They're pretty funny

If you've ever watched a rabbit run around and "binky" you'll know what I mean.  They love racing around at top speed (especially around the couch) and jumping with glee.  I liken a binky to a person jumping in the air and clicking their heels together.  They also love shaking their head and jumping around like crazy.

6. They only eat vegetables

Don't have a compost but want to recycle your kitchen vegetable scraps? Rabbits can clean that problem right up for you! Rabbits make excellent pets for vegetarians or vegans because they do not conflict with their beliefs. They would make better pets for vegetarian or vegan nutcases that insist on feeding their dogs or cats vegetarian or vegan diets.  Dogs can subsist on a vegetarian diet if they need to, but cats cannot.  To subject your cat to a meat-free diet is animal abuse, quite frankly.  If you don't agree with animals eating meat, then don't fucking own a cat.  Simple.  You're an asshole if you do and you don't feed your cat meat, don't let anyone tell you different.

7. They don't make noise

Unlike a dog that barks, a cat wakes you up with their bloody incessant meowing for food in the morning or a bird that sqwarks or repeatedly says "Hello!!", rabbits keep their mouth shut.  The most noise they make is thumping their hind leg if they're annoyed at you or frightened at something.  I've also heard my rabbit growl if she's angry or moan slightly if she hears a weird noise, but you really have to listen carefully to hear those sounds.  Rabbits are silent communicators and prefer to do so via body language rather than annoying sounds.

8. Their toys are cheap

The rabbit's favourite past time is tearing shit up.  Give them a cardboard box and they'll spend hours tearing the box down to shreds.  Then you can put the shreds in the recycle bin. Just don't leave your library book on the floor like I did one day or else you'll walk into the room with your rabbit looking at you with an innocent face eating one of the pages.  Luckily that book was on my husband's library card, so my library record is still squeaky clean!!

9. They're smart

My rabbit has learned the following:

opening fridge door = food
blender starting in the morning = food
me walking into the kitchen in the morning = food
packet rustling = possible food
calling her name = possible food
after 4:30pm = food's coming in the next hour or so
plastic bag being scrunched = food
box being put into her cage = fuck, I'm going to the vet

10. They smell nice

If you like the smell of a sweet meadow of hay then you'll love rabbits.  Dogs stink, cats smell weird, birds smell weird too, fish smell like water or algae but rabbits smell like a sweet meadow. Ahhhhh!!

11. They're adorable

Best illustrated in pictorial form:

I'm eating food!!

I think I hear food!

Food?? Source

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Situations Vacant

After yesterday's post, I feel like I need something light-hearted to brighten this blog back up!  I do feel better after my rant though.  I promise I usually am a pretty positive person, but like anyone I am human I do have hissy fits now and again... HAHA!

Here's a cute picture that will make you smile.  It seems Freddie is looking for a job!!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


My birthday today February 2nd when I turned the big 3.2. Unfortunately I feel like I turned 64, so I am dreading the day when I actually turn 64 as I'm probably going to feel like HELL.

I had a pretty nice day today.  I took the day off work (yesterday too, so I had a four day weekend) and we went to Butterfly Creek which is a mini zoo with fish, reptiles and farm animals.  I actually only really went to see the bunny rabbits and I have been going around for the past two weeks calling it "Bunny Creek". They have a mock farm yard there with about 20-30 bunny rabbits there!  I was in bunny heaven!  They were all so cute and had quite a few baby rabbits there.  One thing I wasn't too happy about was the fact that they bred rabbits there.  The fellow that worked there was trying to get me and Matt to take a bunny home.  He said he normally only approaches people who he thinks will give the rabbits a good home.  I guess he saw me baby talking and fawning over the rabbits HAHA!  Firstly, since we don't really have room for another rabbit and secondly I don't really support places that breed animals I wasn't really keen to take one home, even as cute as they were.  If I'm going to get another rabbit it will be from the SPCA where no one loves them and they need a home. I did feel sorry for all the little baby bunnies that had silly children handling them, especially the ones that were screaming that "they wanted to hold a bunny too!!" (cry me a river kid!!)  Although rabbits are docile creatures (most of the time) once tame, they still are prey animals by nature so do get scared easily and aren't as confident with people as cats or dogs.

Here are a few pictures I took of the animals

This lil fella was rolling about in the coral.  So cute!!  I love Clown Fish, they're so colourful
Moth or butterfly?  It was huge!
These red and black butterflies were pretty.  Matt was wearing a red t-shirt and they kept landing on him!  I was wearing a floral dress, but none of them liked me!  Perhaps I didn't smell like a flower? LOL

Cute little babies resting

I is washing my ear!

This beautiful girl had given birth that morning.  She was busy fussing about her pen.

Recovering from being tormented by devil children
Soft, fluffy and adorable *melts*

Yesterday was awesome too.  In the morning I had a Chinese Pedicure at Bliss Reflexology which starts with a foot soak, then they scrape all the dead skin off your feet with sharp blades and then tidy up the toenails.   It is WAY better than a regular pedicure as it is more hygienic (your feet soak in a disposable plastic bag in a wooden bucket) so no toe jams floating around from the previous person. I don't think I'd ever have a regular pedicure at the run of the mill mass produced places again. Although the massage chair is nice and having the nail polish is fancy, all I think about is getting a fungal infection! In the afternoon I had a lovely face and body treatment and About Face.Work kindly gave me a gift voucher for Christmas for a beauty therapy treatment so I redeemed that.  It involved a foot soak, back scrub, back massage and then mini facial.  It was lovely and the therapist Nancy was so kind and professional.  After all that relaxation I went to the movies and saw Black Swan; great movie but kind of disturbing in some parts!  I also must add that I walked everywhere yesterday! I walked to all my appointments and the movie which probably adds up to almost 2 hours of walking at a good pace in total so by the end of the day I was pretty tired.

Back to reality tomorrow with an 11 hour day at work *sigh*

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Updated Post: Homemade Pizza

I made a post about a year and a half back about home made pizza dough. Genie was asking me what my recipe was and I remembered I posted about it a while back so I thought I would go back and amend it since I've definitely learned some new things since I posted back then.

You can view the post here

I hope you find the post useful if you like to make your own pizza or would like to give it a go.  I actually quite enjoy the kneading part; any extra exertion is good plus I find it a great thinking exercise :-)