Thursday, May 14, 2009

Over & Out (for now)

Just a quick post to let you guys know I'm moving to a new place tomorrow and won't have internet access for a while so I won't be posting on here for a bit! The last few days have been hell with problems. I've not been able to think because there is just so much to think about. I have to work tomorrow and I wish I didn't have to as I have so much shit to do. Anyway...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bunny Training & Eatin'

I is teh strong!

Om nom nom nom....

I wonder how much protein Dandelion has? Dandelion FTW!!

Mummy's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you mother's out there.

No training for me today. I got Mum a comedy DVD as a gift and made oaty cheese & walnut scones and chicken & mushroom quiche for lunch today. My brother came over with his family and we had a good time. His kids loved Daisy.... I don't think Daisy liked them much though LOL. She kept looking at me desperately and jumping into my lap. They did help to forage for her dinner though (long grass & a little cabbage) so she was happy with that. I've discovered she loves face cloths and she'll bite and dig at them and Mum found her an old one in her rag bag. She also now comes running to me when I call her! Clever bunny :-)

I got a really cute picture of her tonight! I will post it up later.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Weekend Workout

2 Board
75kg x 5
80kg x 5 - 2 sets
85kg x 5 - 2 sets

Felt awesome. The 80kg in particular felt pretty easy, I could have done at least 2-3 more reps. Funny how a particular exercise can feel really good. My squats on the other hand.....

60kg x 8
70kg x 3
80kg x 3
85kg x 3
90kg x 3 - 4 sets

YTWL drills

Tricep Pulldown 4 x 12

DB Row 2 x 8 with a light weight so I could concentrate on keeping my scapulae contracted and depressed.

In bunny news, Daisy is well on her way to being litter trained! Yay! She misses now and again but I have only been letting her out on the tiled floor so it doesn't matter so much if she makes a mistake here and there. I will post an updated picture of her soon. She has grown noticeably in the last 2 weeks we've had her.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Workout Update

Had a good workout yesterday. My back is a little stiff today, I think it's from the pullups. Military Press 2x5x42.5kg, 1x4x42.5kg, 1x5x40kg; RDL 4x8x95kg, Seated Leg Curls 4x10, some Y Drills, Pullups 3x5xBW

No workout today. We were supposed to go but ended up getting quite busy. I didn't sleep well last night anyway and had a headache most of the day and felt quite groggy. I will go tomorrow instead.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

O Happy Day!

It's been a few days since I last updated. I trained on Saturday - had a pretty good workout. I did RDLs 5x5x100kg then 1x8x80kg. I did some other stuff but I can't remember now... doh. I think I did some seated hamstring curls too.

Today I did Squats 5x5x80kg then 1x10x60kg; Flat Bench 4x5x70kg then 1x8x60kg; DB Rows 3x10x32.5kg; Y Drills 4x10; DB Curls 3x10x12kgs. Benching is feeling awesome these days. I always think back to the days when I could only bench 40kg for 2 and now I can bench over double that!

Went to a BBQ today for a "farewell" which ended up being a wedding celebration. One of my best friends ended up getting married in secret today and conned us all into coming to a BBQ for a farewell. Very happy news indeed. Her husband is American and is going back to the States and she will eventually follow.

In bunny news, Daisy put a hole in my Mum's slippers. I think I might have to buy her some new ones for Mother's Day now... LOL. For some reason she loves my Mum's slippers and whenever we let her out she tugs at them even while my Mum is still wearing them. It's pretty funny. As I type she is now tugging on my Cookie Monster slippers LOL!