Saturday, January 31, 2009

Steak and Guinness Pie

This one is for those of you that enjoy food! If you're in contest prep and you're not super anal about your food being clean *insert rolling eyes smiley here* the stew itself is a good meal. High in protein, moderate in fat and full of goodness. If you're religious and think alcohol is the debil, best you keep away from this recipe.

I think I got my Mojo back

So, I've been doing a lot of thinking this week. I've had a good break from the gym - this whole week actually. It's been mostly forced upon me as the gym closed for moving, but I can't deny I was actually relieved that it closed so I didn't have to go. As usual, I have kept faithful with my diet most of this week. I actually discovered some healthy potato chips too! My workmate brought some in, per 100g: 3g fat, 66g carbs (8.8g fibre!) and 11g protein. I think this might make an appearance in my diet fairly regularly - maybe post workout :-P

Anyway, what's got me semi-excited about training again is that I've decided I'm going to learn some strength moves - similar to those that appear in a fitness routine. Not because I want to compete in fitness, but because I think it would be fun to train for something new like this. Also, have some of you actually tried doing some of these moves? Holy hell, they're so hard! My abs are so much weaker than I thought! If I get good at them I might even put a couple in my bodybuilding routine :-D I do need to work on my flexibility though. I did get to a point a few years back where I was pretty impressed with my flexibility, but it took A LOT of work. I'm not naturally super flexible.

I'm still feeling quite "meh" about lifting. I'll think on it but I'm thinking of switching to 1 heavy full body workout per week then just doing other circuit type stuff the other days, including training to actually do the strength moves.

I went for a 40 minute run today; it was difficult in the humidity but I am a lot fitter than I thought which is great! I also got the tingles in my gut fat, butt and legs and you know what that means: fat loss! :-D

I'll leave you with a picture for an advertisement I found in a magazine here that helped motivate me this week:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What to do?

Gah! I just don't know what to do. As you may have read in a previous post I mentioned I was having a "WTF" moment with regards to competing. Unfortunately it seems to have consumed me this weekend. I don't know what to do sometimes... Should I compete? Should I not compete? Am I just being f'n lazy? I know this time around is going to be harder. I was happy with my condition at my last show because I'd bettered my previous condition. This time I want to get leaner and look better and it is going to be hard.

I'm also very torn by the fact that competing really is not that healthy. Well, it's healthy up unto a point and I do prep a lot better than a lot of people in the way that I don't cut out food groups. I still eat all types of meat, vegetables of all colours, fruit, dairy... you name it. I really love trying out new recipes and eating healthy. I do really have to be mindful of my health when it comes to dieting and training because of my health condition - I just can't keep pushing like a lot of people or I could make myself sick. In that way it's a blessing, I have to be healthy by default Photobucket

I do want to get leaner. I'm still probably holding at least 5lbs more fat than I am comfortable with. It's not that I'm not lean enough... more the fact that I'm already quite a large person and if I don't get leaner then I have trouble fitting into my size 14 clothes. I really am fitting comfortably in the size 16's at this point, but I don't want a new wardrobe. I envy all those tiny girls with muscle - they can build to their hearts content and still shop in normal stores. I'm on the brink of fat lady stores Dry and it does depress me a little. I like being muscular but not if it means I can't fit into normal sized clothes!

I think I'm just going to continue to prep and see how I feel about it in a couple of months. At the moment my regime is pretty reasonable - lifting 4 times a week and cardio-ing 2-4 times a week. Anyway, feel free to post your thoughts or encouragement cos I need it.

Today and yesterday I had a break from dieting. Yesterday was our wedding anniversary so that was going to be a cheat meal and beers anyway. So yesterday I only ended up eating one meal and drinking beer... LOL. Today was pretty healthy, but I didn't count anything. I had eggs benedict for breakfast, a berry smoothie and green curried tofu with roasted veggies for dinner. Definitely not enough protein but oh well.

Actually let me give you that tofu recipe as it is divine (thanks Sam!)

Roasted Green Curry Tofu

1 block of organic tofu drained and patted dry
100ml organic coconut cream
1 heaped tablespoon of green curry paste
chopped vegetables tossed in olive oil, cracked pepper and sea salt. I used 1/2 red pepper, red onion, roasted pumpkin and brussel sprouts.

Mix coconut cream and curry paste together. Marinate the tofu in coconut cream and green curry paste mixture for 30 minutes. Place in baking dish and surround with chopped veggies. Bake in oven @ 200 degrees celcius for about 30 minutes or until tofu is crispy. You can use the chemical tofu and coconut cream I just listed what ingredients I used Photobucket

Sunday, January 25, 2009

10 Things About Me....

There is a fun thread on a forum I visit called "10 Things You May Not Know About Me" I thought I'd post mine here.

10. I wanted to be a scientist when I grew up.
9. I taught myself how to knit and swim by reading books
8. I had 2 medical operations before I started school
7. I used to be obsessed with insects when I was a kid
6. I've visited over 15 countries in my 20's and I prefer travelling alone
5. I earned a degree in Optometry and paid off my huge loan by the age of 25
4. I was very religious until the age of 21. I am now an atheist.
3. I used to be addicted to sweets/candy (especially those gummy ones). Now I hardly eat them
2. I actually like Shape Magazine
1. I can eat a 1kg steak with sides in under 30 mins

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Weekend is here!

Ahhh, it's the weekend!

I've actually been quite tired this week - it must be the low calories. I've been ready for bed at about 10pm every night this week. Normally for me that doesn't happen until about 11-11:30pm.

I had a good day at work today and a discussion with one of my work mates gave me an idea of pursuing a slightly different career path.  I've been thinking about it for a while actually, but the discussion put it more into action in my mind.

No training or cardio today.  I was going to go for an optional brisk walk, but when I got home it started raining quite hard so I didn't bother.

Meals today:

M1 - Protein Shake
M2 - Sundried Tomato and Capsicum Tuna
M3 - Baked fish and Spinach Soup
M4 - Raw Fish Salad (Oka)

That spinach soup is really good.  It tastes pretty good and it's really filling!  One of the members on the Extreme Physique forums added salsa/tomatoes to it and she said it was very good.  

Don't know what I'm up to tomorrow.  One of my friends invited us to go for lunch on a little island - still debating whether to go as I don't feel like watching them eat food and drink beer :-( Ah well.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A second day

...there was PSMF (again).

Pretty straight forward today.  I set my alarm for 6am to go for a morning walk, but when morning came around I discovered it's still dark at 6am (who knew?).  I don't like walking outside in the dark, so I decided to sleep in.  I'll try again tomorrow for 6:15am and leave at 6:20am!  But do not worry!  I actually did go for my walk after work - a 30 minute brisk walk.

The supermarket sucked today.  I went there to stock up on chicken breast, eggs, broccoli and cottage cheese.  I got the eggs, I had to get the steroid chicken (not my normal free range) and there was no broccoli or cottage cheese!!  Bloody hell people!!

Diet today was spot on:

M1: Protein shake with a shot of espresso
M2: Chicken Spinach Salad
M3: Jelly Fluff
M4: Chicken & PSMF Broccoli Soup
M5: Grilled Lamb Loin + Rest of Jelly Fluff as dessert

Supplements: 10 Fish Oils, 1 Centrum, 1 Calcium

For those of you that have not experienced the glory of Jelly Fluff, behold:

Jelly Fluff

1 packet of jelly/jello made to packet directions
250-300g low fat cottage cheese

Add cottage cheese to set jelly and blend with a stick blender (the easiest option).  Place in refridgerator to set.  Enjoy!  I swear, this stuff keeps me sane when dieting.  My favourite flavours are lemon, lime and orange.

And for those of you not dieting: please try out Pioneer Woman's Cauliflower Soup for me. I love soup so much and that one looks glorious!