Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Nemesis

This is my nemesis, Freddie.  

She's an asshole.  Every morning is journey to the center of the earth in her litter box - she just doesn't stop bloody digging until someone yells at her.  She's whiny.  She acts like her shit don't smell but it stinks and she never covers it properly.  Her breath smells like something from the depths of hell.  She looks like she's either plotting to kill me or rip my face off.  Case in point:
She stalks me.  She traps me into being nice to her but then turns arounds and bites me or scratches me.  Cats are bastards.  This little cartoon sums it up nicely.


  1. Oh gosh, if my cat was like that Kevin would've booted him long ago! Thanks goodness he's actually a good cat (oxymoron to some) but I've never had an issue with him. My best friend, however, has my cat's sister & she was a horrible housemate for them! Much like you described!

  2. Hi Sportsgirl! [waves]

    I just found you at O2. Sorry your cat is such a bastard - some of them are really lovely, honest.

    [Slinks off]

  3. Hi BlueTuna
    She's actually pretty sweet and loves people, but she has some annoying habits. I hate the whining and how she wrecks my couch. Gah!!