Monday, May 31, 2010

Meal Planning

A while ago I mentioned wanting to start planning my meals for the week.  I figure it would be a good idea as it would allow me to shop only what I need for the meals therefore saving money and wastage of food.  Even though it's been ages since I read about it and decided to do it I've not put my thoughts into action. So this week I have FINALLY got off my ass (so to speak) and made a plan for this week.

Tuesday - Pumpkin Curry with a side of Beef strips and Spinach
Wednesday - Slow Cooked Chicken (whole) with roasted vegetables (potato, sweet potato & carrot)
Thursday - Mexican beef in Tortilla shells
Friday - Coconut Red Cod, Oven Chips & Broccoli
Saturday - Spicy Parsnip Soup, Almond Crusted Chicken & Mixed Vegetables
Sunday - Slow Cooked Roast beef with mashed potato
Monday - Sweet 'n Sour Pork

I think how most people meal plan is they find out what's on special that week at the grocery store and plan their meals around that.  That's how I'm planning to figure out my meals.  I'll get hold of the flyer on Monday's and on Monday night work out my meals for the week and go shopping on Tuesday evening.  I'm hoping I'll be able to save a bit of money on food by meal planning too!

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