Sunday, June 20, 2010


I'm going for my second treatment tomorrow for my hamstring.  My physio ended up diagnosing it as a grade 1 strain so this was good news.  He thinks I'll be ready to play after a couple weeks rest and a few treatments. The first treatment wasn't actually as bad as I thought it would be.   I mean, I was gripping the table like I thought I would be and I did sweat so bad from the pain he had to change the covering on the table.... LOL....BUT, I thought it would be worse.  He went pretty hard out, putting a lot of his bodyweight onto his thumbs.  The plan is to go for my treatment, have a weight training session and a cardio session tomorrow.  I will probably go to soccer practice this week, to see how my hamstring feels.  I also need to gently start sprinting to see how the hamstring holds up later this week.  I am debating whether to play or not this Sunday - might lean towards not playing to take the time to really heal my leg.

A couple weeks ago I wrote about how I was going to start meal planning.  Well, it's been going quite well actually and I'm enjoying it.  It saves the "what am I going to make for dinner tonight?" dilemma that I was encountering quite frequently  (and I'd end up having no dinner because I had no idea what to make).  It's also encouraging me to actually read through all my cookbooks and recipe magazines I have accumulated so I can figure out what to make.  I've also noticed less wastage with the fresh food I buy, because much of what I buy now is only for the meals I have already planned out.  I used to just buy what looked good or what was on special at the supermarket and try and make meals from that, but a lot of the time the food was going bad before I had a chance to actually use it!  I'm not noticing much difference in my grocery bill but eventually I hope it will reduce that a little too.  We do spend A LOT of our wages on food, because I like to eat well. I don't want to change eating well of course, but I hope that by planning and therefore only buying what I need and planning around specials that the food bill will go down.

I'm up for a day of housecleaning tomorrow.  We're having a flat inspection on Tuesday.  Although the place isn't really dirty, whenever I have inspections I try and make the place sparkling clean so the agent can't bitch at me about anything.  Often the place looks better than when I move in.  I am armed with my baking soda again!  Although I like using the stuff, it is actually more expensive to use it than regular cleaning products.  I'll see if I can find a bulk food store that sells it a bit cheaper.'

That's all for today!

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