Sunday, September 12, 2010

I am Kitty

I took some pictures today of our cat, Freddie.  She's a shithead sometimes but mostly she's a good cat.  We rescued her from the SPCA last year and she's settled down well into our routine.  She's very affectionate and very very talkative.  I come home from work and say "Hello Kitty" and she says "Mrow".  It's pretty funny.  She's more like a dog than a cat I feel.  If Matt and I both leave the room she will always follow us to see what we're up to; she doesn't like being alone.  She loves Matt and will wait outside the bathroom while he's having a shower. Her favourite things are Dinner time, Breakfast time, lying in the sun, scratching her post and mousie (her knitted toy mouse).

Yessss little mousie, just a little closer to my mouth... that's right....

Comfy spot...check, Sun... check.  No damn rabbit....check. All I need now is a mouse cocktail and a cabana-tom
Oooh!  Hottie at 12 o'clock!!
WTF, no one was supposed to see this picture! I wasn't ready!!

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