Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sewing Projects & The Friday Night Sew In

So last Friday Night Sew in was a flop for me.  We had someone over unexpectedly and then I clumsily dropped a knife on my foot while making dinner so sewing wasn't exactly on my mind. Luckily all my toes are still attached to my foot and it has now healed nicely!  Sharp knives are great for cooking but not foot vs. knife situations. Yikes.  I still cringe thinking about it.

My sister-in-law has birthday coming up at the end of March so I'm planning on making her a pretty apron to present to her for her birthday.  She's the only one in my family (out of the ladies) that I haven't sewn something  for so I think she will appreciate the gift. I got some great material from Spotlight, as they had a sale on early this week. This is the material I am planning to use for the apron:

The cherry print will be the main part of the apron, the light pink material the backing and the spotted fabric I will use for the ties, flounce and pocket.  I can't wait to see the finished product as I absolutely love this cherry fabric.  Perhaps I should go back and get some more so I can make myself one!  Not that I don't have enough aprons already (I have four so far!).

I also got this lovely Aubergine/Eggplant coloured material in Cavalier Gabardine which I plan to make a skirt out of.  The colour does not show up well in the picture but it is a beautiful deep purple colour. I thought it would be nice to have a dressy skirt that was different from the standard black so I can wear it to work.

The pattern I want to use is Vogue V8363 and I'm thinking I'll either make the top right skirt (without the embellishment on the front) or bottom left.  

For the Friday night sew in this week, I really don't want to start on these projects because I have one that has been waiting so long for me to do, that I should work on that!  If I do start on one of the above, it would definitely be the apron because that has to be finished by the 27th/28th March.  I really want to start on my dress that I have had cut out for ages.  I guess I will see what happens.  My least favourite part of sewing is definitely cutting out the pattern and the fabric.  I love the sewing part but the cutting seems to take ages!  Perhaps I will do a bit of both this Friday.  I hope to report back by Sunday what I have done!

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  1. That apron will be adorable!!

    And EEK at the foot! OMG! I am glad it is healing well, but, sheesh, scary!

    My least favorite part is cutting patterns... and pinning. It always takes me FOREVER, too!