Friday, October 7, 2011

Productive Friday Evenings

It seems my Friday nights are becoming very productive. Last Friday night I was very busy in the kitchen.  Tonight I was busy inside and outside of the house

On top of making dinner, this evening I:
  • Cleared all the old/dried out plants from my pots, mixed in some compost and added new seedlings.  I planted green onions, cos lettuce, dwarf beans and mizuna.
  • Cleaned the bathroom floor
  • Did three loads of washing
  • Made pizza dough
  • Made yogurt

I've been working since 7pm and I just sat down now and it's 12am!

I was going to get started on my cookies for the second week of 12 weeks of Christmas cookies, but I will have to do that tomorrow if I want to get a good rest tonight for work tomorrow.  I am actually pretty tired anyway and will head off to bed soon.

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