Sunday, February 7, 2010

This Weekend

No workouts this weekend.  All I did was go for a 1/2 hour walk this afternoon.  I'm planning on doing a quick power workout tomorrow and then a step class; I'm looking forward to it.

Eats this weekend have been awful actually.  We had KFC for dinner last night (I had 4 pieces of chicken + potato and gravy).  Today I hardly ate anything: Yoghurt with Pumpkin butter, 100g of Lindt Chili chocolate, some chocolate covered popcorn and a Steak dinner with vegetables.  Not nearly enough protein.  I don't know what it is, but on my days off I don't really feel hungry at all.  It's kinda strange.

I didn't do much today: did some house work, napped, watched a movie and went shopping for an hour.  I saw some nice stuff while I was out shopping so I think I might have to save up to get a new outfit.  It will be mainly for work.  This is what I bought today with some birthday money I got:


Just a top for casual wear but it's made of 100% fine merino wool.  I have a few tops in the same brand and they're awesome.  As it's made from natural fibers you can wear it for a few days and it doesn't smell at all.  I hate it when you buy t-shirts and as they get older they start to stink even if you wash them regularly.  This type of top doesn't do that - it's fantastic.

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