Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Cleaning Workout

The only thing I like about cleaning is how it looks after it's done. But I absolutely had to do it today. The only other good thing about cleaning is that it actually burns a decent amount of calories - more than sitting on your butt watching your dirty dishes anyway :-D I think if you're trying to lose fat keeping active via housework, general activity is just as important as making sure you get your workouts and cardio in. I had to laugh though, I was washing my floor and I had this little insect/cockroach follow me around. It looked like he was licking the floor where I had washed. I was using sugar soap and it made me wonder if it was actually sweet :-D No I didn't take a swig of the bottle.

So as you may have guessed I didn't work out today but I did clean and I did go for a run when I got up. The run was fantastic - since I'm not on super low calories I have much more energy. I love running in the morning too; it gives me time to think.

I'm trying a new recipe today. It's probably more suitable for winter, but I haven't had turkey for a while and bought some at the store yesterday. It was beautiful! Very tasty yet not too heavy - Dad's Turkey Stew.

Tomorrow we're off on holiday. I was going to be competing at the WNBF Asia Pacific show in Sydney but due to my tanning/skin problem that's now not happening. We're spending a few days in Sydney and then off to New Zealand for a week. Woohoo! I can't wait to go visit my family and friends and hang out at all the bars/restaurants I used to frequent.


  1. The stew was beautiful!! Definitely recommend it.

  2. I cleaned my kitchen till 1am this morning in my undies. and I vacuumed. thats twice since you were here last! hehe