Monday, December 29, 2008


I've almost finished my first garment! I spent a few hours sewing today.... and I was so tired by the end of it! It makes sense I guess because it takes a lot of concentration, especially since I haven't sewn for a long time. I remembered a few things from many years ago such as setting up the machine to sew. I was also pleased to discover I can still sew straight... LOL. Just a few things to do before my skirt is finished.

I just bought a new cordless upright vacuum for our apartment on ebay then discovered a 10% off voucher in my email inbox *me throwing a tantrum here* I could have saved $20....GAH! I get really annoyed at this kind of thing...LOL.

My bench workout didn't happen today. The gym is open limited hours on Sunday and I got up late. Tomorrow! Do I sound like a procrastinator or what?

In other news, I've reached the peak of my fatness. I'm actually nicknaming myself "Tubby" :-P So this week in between having some drinks for New Years I'm going to be watching my diet - good, "clean" protein, fruits and vegetables. My diet this past week has been TERRIBLE. Too little good food, too much alcohol and a few too many sweets. It's been a fun past 3 months since my competition.

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