Wednesday, May 6, 2009

O Happy Day!

It's been a few days since I last updated. I trained on Saturday - had a pretty good workout. I did RDLs 5x5x100kg then 1x8x80kg. I did some other stuff but I can't remember now... doh. I think I did some seated hamstring curls too.

Today I did Squats 5x5x80kg then 1x10x60kg; Flat Bench 4x5x70kg then 1x8x60kg; DB Rows 3x10x32.5kg; Y Drills 4x10; DB Curls 3x10x12kgs. Benching is feeling awesome these days. I always think back to the days when I could only bench 40kg for 2 and now I can bench over double that!

Went to a BBQ today for a "farewell" which ended up being a wedding celebration. One of my best friends ended up getting married in secret today and conned us all into coming to a BBQ for a farewell. Very happy news indeed. Her husband is American and is going back to the States and she will eventually follow.

In bunny news, Daisy put a hole in my Mum's slippers. I think I might have to buy her some new ones for Mother's Day now... LOL. For some reason she loves my Mum's slippers and whenever we let her out she tugs at them even while my Mum is still wearing them. It's pretty funny. As I type she is now tugging on my Cookie Monster slippers LOL!


  1. Can you offer some tips on ways to improve bench numbers?

    You're improvements on all your lifts are really impressive!

  2. Well, first of all, form is very important. Make sure your upper body is very tight; contract and depress your scapulae. An arch in your back also helps.

    I also benched twice a week and found that helped.