Friday, February 4, 2011

Rabbits: The pet made of awesome

If you've never considered a rabbit as a pet, perhaps it's because you don't know anything about them or because you think they're boring.  Well, today's your lucky day because Aunty Sportsgirl is  going to let you in on the awesome things about them.

1.  They're the best pet for independent people

If you hate the fact that dogs are so needy and in your face all the time or the fact that cats always want to lie on your lap on your bed, rabbits could be the choice for you.  They're very independent creatures, aloof at times but also very affectionate too.

2. Their shit don't stink

Unlike the cat who acts like her shit don't stink (it smells like the depths of hell, people), my rabbit's shit really doesn't stink.  She's also very tidy and craps and pees in her litter box. If she's out an about in our house and she needs to go to the toilet, she will hop into the cage and do her business in the designated area, then come back out again. Apparently in the wild they have a specific area for going potty and it only makes sense to do your business in one place.

3. They can be kept inside

Like the previous point suggests, because rabbits can be litter trained, they can also be kept inside if you live in an apartment and don't have a yard.  If you have quite a small place, keeping a dog might not be the best thing or you might not like cats so consider a rabbit!

4. You can recycle their shit

For people that like gardening, rabbit poo makes great compost.  If you use a biodegradable product for their litter even better, because you can recycle that too.

5. They're pretty funny

If you've ever watched a rabbit run around and "binky" you'll know what I mean.  They love racing around at top speed (especially around the couch) and jumping with glee.  I liken a binky to a person jumping in the air and clicking their heels together.  They also love shaking their head and jumping around like crazy.

6. They only eat vegetables

Don't have a compost but want to recycle your kitchen vegetable scraps? Rabbits can clean that problem right up for you! Rabbits make excellent pets for vegetarians or vegans because they do not conflict with their beliefs. They would make better pets for vegetarian or vegan nutcases that insist on feeding their dogs or cats vegetarian or vegan diets.  Dogs can subsist on a vegetarian diet if they need to, but cats cannot.  To subject your cat to a meat-free diet is animal abuse, quite frankly.  If you don't agree with animals eating meat, then don't fucking own a cat.  Simple.  You're an asshole if you do and you don't feed your cat meat, don't let anyone tell you different.

7. They don't make noise

Unlike a dog that barks, a cat wakes you up with their bloody incessant meowing for food in the morning or a bird that sqwarks or repeatedly says "Hello!!", rabbits keep their mouth shut.  The most noise they make is thumping their hind leg if they're annoyed at you or frightened at something.  I've also heard my rabbit growl if she's angry or moan slightly if she hears a weird noise, but you really have to listen carefully to hear those sounds.  Rabbits are silent communicators and prefer to do so via body language rather than annoying sounds.

8. Their toys are cheap

The rabbit's favourite past time is tearing shit up.  Give them a cardboard box and they'll spend hours tearing the box down to shreds.  Then you can put the shreds in the recycle bin. Just don't leave your library book on the floor like I did one day or else you'll walk into the room with your rabbit looking at you with an innocent face eating one of the pages.  Luckily that book was on my husband's library card, so my library record is still squeaky clean!!

9. They're smart

My rabbit has learned the following:

opening fridge door = food
blender starting in the morning = food
me walking into the kitchen in the morning = food
packet rustling = possible food
calling her name = possible food
after 4:30pm = food's coming in the next hour or so
plastic bag being scrunched = food
box being put into her cage = fuck, I'm going to the vet

10. They smell nice

If you like the smell of a sweet meadow of hay then you'll love rabbits.  Dogs stink, cats smell weird, birds smell weird too, fish smell like water or algae but rabbits smell like a sweet meadow. Ahhhhh!!

11. They're adorable

Best illustrated in pictorial form:

I'm eating food!!

I think I hear food!

Food?? Source