Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fruits of Labour

I picked a couple of capsicum/bell pepper from my garden the other day.  I was quite thrilled!  The first one I used straight away in my salad for my lunch that day.  The second was used for a stir fry for dinner the next evening. 

From this.... this
A purple variety of capsicum
They have been very easy to grow.  I used a 30L pot, placed some potting mix in there and a little seedling.  I water the plants every day in the evening and try to fertilize them every 1-2 weeks once they are fruiting.  They have quite a long growth cycle and take about 18 weeks to produce fruit. Each plant has produced at least 4-5 fruits so far and typically most plants will produce about 6-10 plants. The plants grow fairly tall for a plant in a pot so you will need to stake them when they start to produce fruit as the fruit weighs down the plant.  Put the pot in a sunny spot and enjoy the fruits of your labour!


  1. They were seriously yummy. And they always taste better because I grew them myself.