Saturday, January 31, 2009

I think I got my Mojo back

So, I've been doing a lot of thinking this week. I've had a good break from the gym - this whole week actually. It's been mostly forced upon me as the gym closed for moving, but I can't deny I was actually relieved that it closed so I didn't have to go. As usual, I have kept faithful with my diet most of this week. I actually discovered some healthy potato chips too! My workmate brought some in, per 100g: 3g fat, 66g carbs (8.8g fibre!) and 11g protein. I think this might make an appearance in my diet fairly regularly - maybe post workout :-P

Anyway, what's got me semi-excited about training again is that I've decided I'm going to learn some strength moves - similar to those that appear in a fitness routine. Not because I want to compete in fitness, but because I think it would be fun to train for something new like this. Also, have some of you actually tried doing some of these moves? Holy hell, they're so hard! My abs are so much weaker than I thought! If I get good at them I might even put a couple in my bodybuilding routine :-D I do need to work on my flexibility though. I did get to a point a few years back where I was pretty impressed with my flexibility, but it took A LOT of work. I'm not naturally super flexible.

I'm still feeling quite "meh" about lifting. I'll think on it but I'm thinking of switching to 1 heavy full body workout per week then just doing other circuit type stuff the other days, including training to actually do the strength moves.

I went for a 40 minute run today; it was difficult in the humidity but I am a lot fitter than I thought which is great! I also got the tingles in my gut fat, butt and legs and you know what that means: fat loss! :-D

I'll leave you with a picture for an advertisement I found in a magazine here that helped motivate me this week:


  1. My new blog post was going to be titled pretty much the same thing, LOL.

    Is that Valerie Waugaman by any chance? Beautiful physique in any case. Love her quads.

  2. Ha! You lost your mojo too?

    No, it's Vanda Hadarean... Ms. Fitness world.

  3. good for you!
    i still think you have to put up a Pauline Nordin. lol!