Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Weekend is here!

Ahhh, it's the weekend!

I've actually been quite tired this week - it must be the low calories. I've been ready for bed at about 10pm every night this week. Normally for me that doesn't happen until about 11-11:30pm.

I had a good day at work today and a discussion with one of my work mates gave me an idea of pursuing a slightly different career path.  I've been thinking about it for a while actually, but the discussion put it more into action in my mind.

No training or cardio today.  I was going to go for an optional brisk walk, but when I got home it started raining quite hard so I didn't bother.

Meals today:

M1 - Protein Shake
M2 - Sundried Tomato and Capsicum Tuna
M3 - Baked fish and Spinach Soup
M4 - Raw Fish Salad (Oka)

That spinach soup is really good.  It tastes pretty good and it's really filling!  One of the members on the Extreme Physique forums added salsa/tomatoes to it and she said it was very good.  

Don't know what I'm up to tomorrow.  One of my friends invited us to go for lunch on a little island - still debating whether to go as I don't feel like watching them eat food and drink beer :-( Ah well.

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