Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back Online

Hey guys... I am alive and well! The move from Australia was successful although very busy. We had a nice fight with the rental agency due to their incompetence from the get go and we're starting up a case with the tenancy tribunal. It's a huge hassle long distance but it's worth it to try get the security deposit back. I am very angry with how we were treated and actually quite flabbergasted that a couple of people would be so apathetic about the situation when we have done the right thing by them from the start.

It has been nice living in Australia for the past 4 years; I had a really good time there and made some awesome friends. Having said that it is nice to be home too; apart from the traffic here. We bought a car on Monday: a 1998 Nissan Lucino, very tidy and it runs very very well. That's one thing to cross off the list of things to do. Next major thing is finding a place to live.

So far things are going great here. We are sooo lucky we came last week rather than this week because we both had mild colds from the germy germs on the flights and now with this Swine Flu fiasco going around we would have been kept in isolation :-/ That would have made me real happy when we have many things to do to get settled.

I've actually lost weight since being home.... just doing the regular 3 meals a day and no major snacking. It's pretty good actually. A few of my pants are looser than they have been in a while even with me dieting! Probably not getting enough protein in but I don't really care.

I've actually worked out twice since I've been home. On Monday I did a full body workout: Benching 3x10x60kg, DB Rows 3x8x29kg aside, Squats 3x10x70kg, Scapular Retractions on T Bar Row, Seated Leg Curls and some exercises for my biceps and triceps. It felt really good but bloody hell I've been sore; that's what you get when you don't work out for almost a month! Today I went and did some Deadlifts 2x10x100kg, Good Mornings 4x6x40kg, One Armed DB Rows 3x10x29kg, Incline situps 3x10, Pushups (legs raised) 3x10. I tried to start out with some squats today instead of the deadlifts but 60kg did not feel good. My aches ached even more and felt kinda weird (bad weird) so I thought I'd better stop the exercise and do something else. Shit those workouts were quite hard. I don't know why in hell I decided to do high reps for the big exercises :-/

I was supposed to go to soccer practice tonight but ended up having a long nap in the late afternoon and missed it. Some things never change...LOL. I'll try get to the practice next week or go watch the game on Sunday.

I also have some good news!! I have a new baby: a little bunny rabbit. I didn't expect to get one so soon but we went looking in some pet shops and this little critter came running up to us for pats then started doing cute little bunny jumps (bunny owners will know what I mean, it's so funny and cute). I'm not actually sure if it's a boy or a girl but I had a peek and I'm about 80% certain it's a girl, she's pretty young so it's difficult to tell. I haven't named her yet. Matt wants to call her Spot cos that's what he started calling her in the pet shop. I'm thinking of Charlie, Bon Bon, or Hoppy. Any suggestions please put in the comments. I will put up a pic of her later!


  1. I was just thinking about you yesterday & not only did I find a post on my blog but a proper update from you too!

    So glad you guys made it safely & got your bunny so soon! She's super super cute! And the thought of her bunny hops just made me giggle! My little one (Shelby) did that all the dang time!

    Hope you guys feel better soon! Oh & I'm totally NOT surprised you love! hahaha

    Take care!

  2. The little hop is called a 'binky' means they are happy!

    Check out - very cute & informative website :)

  3. Yes, I just call them bunny jumps so that non-rabbit people get an idea what they are. I'll take a look at that site... thanks!!