Monday, April 13, 2009


I had a great day with friends today.... a nice Easter BBQ and a farewell for us as we leave Australia.

We have a big week this week with packing, cleaning, moving.

My last day of training was actually last Saturday - I just haven't been feeling like it this week. This is the first time in years my motivation has been down the toilet with training for such an extended period. Nevermind... I'm sure it'll be back soon when we get settled. I hope :-/

I probably won't be updating this blog for a couple of weeks because internet access will be limited as we make the move. There won't be any training anyway... Ha!


  1. Though I don't comment, I read your blog whenever there's a new post. So you'll be missed for the time you're away. Wishing you an easy move!

    Love your attitude.

  2. Hi, I have only just stumbled on your blog some others & just wanted to say hi - I can relate to your banner - I adore bunnies too - I have a mini Lop named Muffy & I love Richard Dawkins' books too & of course lifting weights. Anyway, I'll have a proper read through your posts, just wanted to say HI!

  3. Anon - thanks a lot!

    MM - Thanks for the comment! I will check out your blog also :-)