Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Go Me!

Pretty long busy day at work today. I got home, rested for just under an hour then put on my shoes and gym gear and went out for a 45 minute run! It was so hot outside, I looked like a beetroot when I got home.

Eats today:

M1 - Chocolate Banana Protein Shake
M2 - Big Greek Salad & Shredded Chicken Breast
M3 - Mongolian Lamb Kebabs
M4 - Cottage Cheese & Yoghurt

About 1500 calories, high protein, moderate fat, low carbs - just like I planned! :-D I loved the greek salad... I'd totally forgotten about greek salad until I saw a recipe for one in a magazine yesterday. I'm having the same for lunch tomorrow!

I'm feeling good.

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