Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Weekend

Well, my weekend is finally over and it was a pretty good weekend. Saturday was a really good day at work: busy but we had really nice people in. Saturday night we went out for a few beers and then shared a pizza. We split it half n half and I got vegetarian.... yum! Sunday, I made a new dish with quinoa, coconut milk and apples that I found on another blog. In the afternoon we went out to meet a friend for Happy Hour. I was a bit annoyed cos I fell asleep Sunday night before I got a chance to eat my dinner. This happens way too often to me *shakes head* I should start setting my alarm or something. My relaxed eating plan was pretty good this weekend. I ate pretty healthy, the only things of note was the beer, pizza and chocolate muffin.

And I got in some training too:


Squats (with Safety Squat Bar)
warmup: bar x 8, +20kg x 5, + 30kg x 4, + 40kg x 3
sets: + 45kg x 5, +50kg x 5, + 50kg x 5

I like these. Using the SSB teaches you to keep upright as it tends to tip you forward. I also felt myself go a lot lower than I have before... probably something to do with the fact I had to position myself so upright. I think I will continue to do squats with this bar for a while.

Glute Ham Raises
4 x 10 x 5kg behind head

Split Squats
1 x 10 x 40kg (2 x 20kg kettlebells)
1 x 10 x 48kg


Reverse One Arm Cable Pulldown 3 x 10

Face Pulls 3 x 10

Cardio: Tempo Training, 6 cycles. I started off on the treadmill then finished the last 2 cycles on the rower.

Today, I was back to my diet.

M1 - 3 boiled eggs
M2 - Baked Pears
M3 - Sirloin Steak
M4 - Small can of Tuna
M5 - Red Curry Tofu with Spinach

My macros were a little off today but not too bad. Here's the recipe for the Baked Pears... it's a really nice, simple and relatively healthy dish.

Baked Pears
4 whole pears
1 heaped tablespoon of brown sugar
1/4 cup white flour
20g unsalted butter
30g almonds, chopped

Slice pears length ways and scoop out a little of the centre to remove core. Combine the sugar, flour and butter together. Rub the mixture together until it forms a crumb-like texture. Add chopped almonds and mix together. Fill the hollows with the mixture evenly between the pears. Bake at about 180 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes.


I was just thinking today about how relieved I feel not to be competing. It feels really good. For once I don't have to worry about looking a certain way by a certain time. It's nice just to go to the gym and do what I feel like; not having to get in x amount of workouts and y amount of cardio done per week. I am slowly getting leaner too - my back is looking pretty lean and I'm starting to get abs again (slowly). I feel really good too - very positive, happy and excited! Yay!

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