Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why can't people spell??!

Gah.... I just have to rant about my name for a bit. I went to Gloria Jeans today to get my low fat latte. The cashier asks for my name and I give it to her. It flashes up on the screen and it spells "Di Anna" WTF lady? I have NEVER seen Diana spelled like that. Nor have I seen it spelled Dianna or Diane or Dianne. I have met several Dianas in my life and we all have a 5 minute bitch session when we meet on how (1.) Everyone calls us Diane (2.) No one can spell the name. Seriously, one of the most famous women in the world was called Diana and how was her name spelled? You guessed it.... "Diana" *tears hair out*

Oh yeah, while I'm on the topic of spelling: I saw in a magazine today someone spelling the word "ourselves" as "ourselfs". What a douche. No wonder bodybuilders get a rep as big dumb idiots *LOL* With spell check these days, no one has an excuse.


45 minutes on the Stairmill today. Now that the Stairmill is in air conditioning it is sooo much easier to do cardio on it. Try doing cardio on that thing in 35+ degrees Celsius heat and 98% humidity :-S

I did good on my diet today! I've actually been superb all week, as planned. Go me, again!

M1 - Protein Shake with Choc Powder & Frozen Berries
M2 - Salmon & Guacamole
M3 - Marinara Mix fried with olive oil & garlic
M4 - Veggie Dip & cut carrot, celery, cucumber
M5 - Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

Woohoo! Tomorrow is the weekend. I have to work tomorrow, but true to my plan I am going to eat a little more lax on on the weekend. I've already cut the melon for my fruit salad for breakfast and I'm going to top that with vanilla yoghurt and raw almonds. Lunch is going to be chicken and guacamole, I might add some rice though. Dinner is unplanned as of yet - might go out actually. I'm finding this method is working well for me psychologically - I'm feeling really good.

I'm planning a lower body workout tomorrow. Hopefully the Crossfag crew won't be in there.

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  1. LOL! The crossfag crew! :P Glad your feeling gooood! Your meals sound yummy as always. So glad you got air conditioning. Man when I came here I was like wtf is up with the NO AIR CON?