Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hump Day

Work has been quite slow this week, I'm actually grateful because I'm normally super busy and running around like crazy. I wouldn't like it to be like this all the time, but it's nice to have a rest.

I went to the gym today for cardio. I did interval training on the rower: 6 cycles of tempo training, totalling 5000m for 24:24 minutes. I also did 10 minutes moderate effort on the recumbent bike.

I got told from a gym friend that hadn't seen me for a month that I was looking really good and my arms were looking huge! *front double bi* Looks like all that work on my triceps has been paying off. She also thought my body seems to have changed quite a bit... I don't see that though. I have leaned out a little but other than that no major change. Anyway, it was nice to receive a compliment :-)

Diet was spot on today, although I was quite hungry. Just hanging out for the weekend!!

M1 - Protein Shake
M2 - Nectarine
M3 - Protein Crisps
M4 - large Chicken Salad
M5 - Mongolian Lamb

I have about 200 calories left so I'm going to eat some cottage cheese and yoghurt.

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