Friday, February 13, 2009

On a Roll, Bro!

Woot! Great day today. I woke up looking pretty sweet, I didn't feel too sleepy on the bus and didn't feel sick/panicked at work this morning so all is well.

I went to the gym today and did an upper body workout! Behold:


Flat Bench
warmup - 20kg x 8, 40kg x 5, 60kg x 5
70kg x 5, 3 sets

Pendlay Rows
60kg x 5, 3 sets

BW x 10 x 2 - for some reason these really hurt my hands today. I used a different bar, I wonder if that caused it?

Bicep Curls
2 x 12 x 12kgs
1 x 7 x 12kgs - my little pipis conked out!

I also did some conditioning work: 30 kettle bell swings, 30 seconds rest, repeated 10 times. It took me almost 15 minutes and by the end of it I was pooped! My heart rate was about 170bpm! Noice.

I've figured out a sweet spot for the gym. I figured out if I go home after work and rest a bit and then walk there to get there about 7pm, it's pretty deserted. Only a handful of people there! Excellent *rubs hands together* Only problem is, the gym STILL closes at 8pm so I can't really do a workout and do 30-45mins of cardio in one go. I'll manage :-)

My diet today was spot on. I had some tomato-ey cheesy lamb thing for lunch and rib eye and broccoli soup for dinner. I managed to sneak in a little bit of Mars bar too - yum yum.

Oh yes, here is my protein shake recipe:

Choco-Monkey Protein Shake
250 mL water or low fat milk
1 scoop Chocolate Flavour Protein Powder
20g Natural Peanut Butter
80g Banana, chopped
1 tsp cocoa powder
6-8 ice cubes

It also tastes pretty good with a shot of espresso in it. I did that today!

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