Friday, February 20, 2009

My Workout

I made it to the gym today. The workout was pretty average, I felt a little drained to be honest. I took my intervals down a notch and still felt pretty winded. Hmmmm. Hope this isn't a trend!


Bench Press
warmup 20kg x 8, 40kg x 5, 50kg x 4, 60kg x 3, 70kg x 1
sets: 70kg x 5, 3 sets

The last rep of the last set was pretty damn hard. I really ground that one out. I felt pretty weak benching today... not only that but really tired out from it.

Pendlay Rows
60kg x 5, 3 sets

BW x 10, 2 sets

DB Curls
12kg x 12, 2 sets
12kg x 10

I might try and get in another upper body workout on Monday.

Cardio: Interval training, 6 sets, total 25 minutes.

Diet was good today. Just the usual:

M1 - Protein Shake
M2 - Large Plum + Low Fat Latte
M3 - Red Curry Tuna + Mixed Bean Sprouts
M4 - Garlic & Herb Naan Bread, 2 Mini Easter eggs
M5 - 2 boiled Eggs
M6 - Pan Fried Fish + Grilled Veggies.

Lots of little snacky meals today.

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