Thursday, March 19, 2009

I feel... a bit of a loser today. I didn't make it to the gym cos I got home and fell asleep for almost 2.5 hours. I know you're probably sick of hearing it but these days I'm struggling. I feel sooo tired in the morning, sooo tired from work and too tired for the gym. I feel like I have the flu a lot of the time. I need a break/holiday now, but I guess I don't have long to go, just gotta suck it up I guess :-/ I even ate my training day food too, but didn't end up needing it *sigh*

I just spend the last half hour cooing over bunny pictures. I'm probably going to go to the animal shelter first, but if I can't find bunny there, I'm thinking of getting either a Flemish Giant (bottom photo) or something more medium sized like the Dutch breed (top photo).

The Flemish Giants grow to about the size of a medium sized cat (or a little larger) and they're a little stockier than cats. Apparently they're one of the most friendliest breeds. My old bunny was just a mongrel, but she was great!


  1. omg how cute are they?! Sorry to hear your so tired :( Obviously you needed the rest today, you should definitely NOT feel like a loser. You have a lot going on right now. I love your new bag too! I have been wanting to get a big bag like that, I have so much crap to carry lol.

    Loving the recipes! I hope I can try some soon!

    Take care of yourself, are you still coming next month? I am really looking forward to seeing you!

  2. Awww what cuties! Too bad they poop just about every second ;p

  3. Tea - definitely! We fly into Brissie on the 16th, but the conference is in the Gold Coast. So we'll have to sort something out.

    Sohee - rabbits are pretty good about their pooping though, they usually poop in one spot. You can actually housetrain them like a cat :-P

  4. Yay! You finally get your bunny! We had a Holland Lop & loved her! She was housebroken with a litter box. Now & then she'd get excited though & let a couple pebbles loose but that was easy to clean up!

    Did you get your candy corn yet? hehe

  5. They are sooo cute. I had a pet rabbit once named Addie. She was wicked mean. Not really a pet. A few friends had pet rabbits that would sit on the couch and watch tv with them but I was stuck with one that would hide under the dresser and hiss. :)

    I love love love your new bag.

  6. That's awesome! Can you start working out before work? I was feeling the same way, but I cut back my hours at work...

    Your bunnies pictures are cute. I have a cat...I kind of have an obsession with cats. lol!

    Have a nice weekend!