Sunday, March 8, 2009


It makes me physically sick sometimes. The mindset, the principal.

I came across something in someone's online journal that made me almost physically ill.

"Why does God allow evil in the world?" and I surprised myself by knowing the answer: so that He can glorify Himself in redeeming fallen humanity. If there were no evil, there could be no sin; if there were no sin, there could be no grace; and if there were no grace and mercy from God, we wouldn't praise and glorify Him the way He deserves it as sovereign Creator of all.

So some of you may have heard of the Victorian bush fires in Australia. Imagine god "allowing" someone to set fire to the bush so people can sing his praises because he is good.

I met someone that died in the fires - a little girl just a few months ago. Her father came into my work last weekend. I asked him how he was.... he said, not very good actually (looking very serious). I said, I hope it's not too serious... then he went on to say he had lost two children in the fires - a boy and a girl. I was shocked... I then said: my gosh, that little girl I saw a few months ago? He said yes... and her brother.

That poor man. He really really loves his children - I could see it. And all for god's glory.

So, god does these things so he can look good? Get real people.

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