Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Shennanigans

This weekend was awesome. Behold:


warmup: SSB x 8, SSB + 20kg x 5, + 30kg x 3, + 50kg x 1
sets: SSB + 55kg x 5, 3 sets

I still seem to be improving on these which is great. I found this weight very challenging but still able to push through. Next week I'll either increase it by 2kg or keep to this weight. My legs and butt is sore today.

Glute Ham Raises
4 x 10 x 7.5kg

Hard! I was thinking I might actually drop the weight on these next time and focus more on form. I can feel myself getting a little sloppy with it.

Bulgarian Squats
1 x 10 x 12kgs aside
2 x 10 x 16kgs aside

Cardio: 20 minutes on spin bike. Moderate effort.

Today, I didn't train but I went to the gym to help a friend out. She wants to gain some muscle all over so I showed her all the basic exercises - squats, benching, deadlifts, overhead press, pullups, strict rows as well as some other stuff she needed to work on. It was really fun training someone and she had a great time too learning new stuff. I even got her to bench like a powerlifter :-P she was benching like a bro before.... arms like wings and the bar going to her neck almost :-S My shoulders felt sore just watching her. In turn, the new form helped her a lot and she said she was never able to unrack the weight by herself until now. Now that I helped someone train in real life, I really don't know how people train others online..... there is just so much to screw up. I had to physically touch her or put her into position sometimes for her to get the form right. Everyone thinks they have great form, when in reality they don't. Even people that have got good form can get sloppy sometimes. I experienced this last year when I was training my deadlift - I had gotten sloppy and by working on it, I was able to lift more weight.

We then did about 15 minutes of aerobics. There was 3 of us and we all had a turn taking the "class". It was a combination of kickboxing, step, sexy aerobics (haha!) and just general stuff. It was a lot of fun and by the time we were done we were wasted!!! Because we had so much fun we're going to do it again next Sunday - probably 30-40 minutes next time with each of us taking the class for 5 minutes twice. If it works out okay we might even bring some extra friends to do the class... LOL. Good times. Fun stuff like this makes me sad to leave here *sigh*

After all this, Matt and I went out with a couple of friends for a picnic. I made fruit salad and that coconut carrot cake and they brought stuff for sandwiches. It was fantastic. My coconut carrot cake was *perfect* if I do say so myself. Nom nom. We then went for a walk on the beach and then home. I was soooo tired when I got home that I had a nap for like 4 hours.

I felt like I drank way too much this week. We went out Thursday night for beers and then last night too and got home about 2:30am. I should start drinking schooners instead of pints LOL. Although I like beer, I should really be watching my consumption beyond a few pints a week. It's really not very healthy.

I put on my work pants last night and they were tight *growl* so I think I might need to get a little more serious with my fat loss effort. It's quite good to have some "reference" clothes you want to fit back into. I find I get complacent with stuff sometimes because I'm happy with how I look, but in reality I'm bigger than I was before. It helps having a healthy ego HAHAHA. Now I totally understand how overweight/fat women can think they look great LOL. However, I don't want to buy new clothes because my work pants are part of my suit for work. So yes, I have a goal now.

Another reason why I think I still look good is because I think my fat patterns have changed. Either that or because of the extra muscle I carry now I have much more definition at a higher bodyfat percentage (is that even possible?). At the moment I still have striations in my delts, ab definition (top abs fairly visible, side definition), good back definition and I still have my quad seperation/definition. In the past if I looked like this in my upper body/abs I would be leaner in the lower body and be able to fit into my pants. It's interesting and I'm not the only one who has noticed that their bodyfat distribution has shifted over the years.

While we're speaking of goals, I also need to cut down on my diet drink consumption. I am actually getting a little sick of Pepsi Max to be honest. I've been drinking diet Sunkist or diet orange recently. Today I drank soda water instead and it was so refreshing.... I think I will switch to that. I still get the bubbles but no artificial sweetener or colouring.

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