Thursday, March 12, 2009

Training Update

I have been training people! Just lazy to update my blog. Just the usual excuse - falling asleep before I have a chance to do it.


Since I missed my workout on Thursday, I decided to combine workouts. I didn't do the full two days combined - just picked out the main exercises

2 Board
warmup benching: 20kg x 8, 50kg x 5, 60kg x 3, 70kg x 2
sets: 80kg x 1 x 2, 85kg x FAIL :-/, 75kg x 3 x 3, 80kg x 3 x 2

That was interesting. I don't think I was warmed up properly initially, as it started to get way easier to lift as I did more sets.

Inverted Rows - 4 x 8

Squats (with SSB)
warmup: bar x 6, SSB + 30 x 5, SSB + 50 x 2 x 2
sets: SSB + 60kg x 3 x 2, SSB + 60kg x 2, SSB + 50 x3

I had to dump the weight on the last set of 60kg. Just wasn't feeling it today with the squats.

Glute Ham Raises - 3 x 8 x 5kg behind head

DB Curls - 2 x 10 x 12.5kg, 1 x 10 x 10kgs

Cardio: 30 minutes incline walking on treadmill

Saturday I didn't workout. I had planned to go for a walk maybe after work but just ended up relaxing when I got home. I was late to work today :-S First time I've done that in a couple of years!

Sunday, no full on training but I did go to the gym with Matt and we did some cardio on the recumbent bikes. I've never done intervals on them before but Matt does his all the time on the recumbent bike. I actually really liked it. It was pretty hard but felt "different", maybe cos I've never done it before on this piece of equipment. I did 1 minute on, 1 minute off. The watts of the intervals were between 303-344W. Total 4.45km.

Also did:

Kettlebell swings - 6 sets of 30 swings with 30 seconds rest.

Seated Dumbell Cleans - 3 x 10 x 6kg

The rest of Sunday we met some friends at the bar and then went to see Gran Turino. I loved it! If you haven't seen it yet, definitely go see it.

Monday, no training. We ended up staying out real late on Sunday - till 4am!


Bench Press
warmup: 20kg x 8, 40kg x 6, 50kg x 5, 60kg x 3, 70kg x 2, 75kg x 1
sets: 80kg x 1 x 3, 82kg x 3 x 3

Bench felt awesome today. I even had a really quick recovery time between sets. I was doing a set every 60-90 seconds. Normally I can get a bit wiped out from them, but this time I felt great! You may have noticed I'm keeping my benching sets very low. It's mostly so I don't grow any more in my upper body because I've reached my comfort limit for upper body size. The singles will allow me to work my strength but not grow (or grow very little).

Kettle Bell Rows
32kg x 10
36kg x 8 x 2

Rolling Tricep Extensions
3 x 10 x 8kg

Inverted Rows

Cardio: 30 minutes incline walking on treadmill @ 6.7km/hr, 5.5% incline. Total 3.36km

That brings me to today. I had a rest day today... no training or cardio. I was thinking of going for a walk around the block but I ended up falling asleep after work. I'm actually feeling pretty wrecked these days; even though I get at least 7 hours sleep (I probably get close to 10 hours a day including naps) I feel pretty tired for work and just have to force myself out of bed. I need a holiday or a little break - it's been about 6 months since my last one. I won't be going anywhere soon but when we move that will be my break.

I was talking to Matt on the weekend about maybe doing another competition in October. He has a plan up his sleeve for the prep, so I thought it might be fun to try it out. It sounds like something that would suit me. I tend to respond better to cyclical type programs, especially diet-wise.

Speaking of diet, you will be happy to hear that I haven't had much Pepsi Max since the previous weekend. I have been drinking soda water with lime and just the occasional glass of Pepsi or Coke. I've probably had 2 full glasses since I decided to stop. Go me!

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