Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Workout

Okay I finally made it to the gym today! Yay! I had a pretty good workout, it took me almost an hour.


Front Squats
warmup, then 65kg x 3, 6 sets

I haven't done these in ages but they felt really good! I think using the safety squat bar has helped a lot.

Romanian Deadlifts
warmup, then 90kg x 5, 5 sets

I had to bust out the straps for the last set. I nearly dropped the last rep of the 4th set!

Split Squats
3 x 10 x 55kg

Glute Ham Raises
3 x 8 x 5kg

Cardio today was walking - about 1 hours worth. Luckily it was overcast today so it wasn't so bad out. When the sun is out in full force it's awful walking outside in the afternoon.

I had a massage today and my upper back was soooo tight! The therapist really went hard and it hurt in places. I think a lot of it comes from work as I use my left hand/arm a lot holding it up so it stresses the back a little. I also have a bit of tendinitis of the tricep tendon and when she massaged that it hurt a lot. I'm probably going to have to tennis ball it regularly.

I had some yummy foods today. Seafood salad packed with prawns, pear pie with a walnut base instead of sweet pastry, chicken and spinach quiche without the crust (and some whole eggs substituted for eggwhites) and raw fish salad!!

Okay, I know you guys are probably sick of bunnies right now but I just have to add these pictures. I've been looking at bunny pictures all day *blush*. I think I'm pretty much settled on getting a Flemish Giant now... at least I'm strong enough to pick it up easy. They can grow up to 10kg! Matt likes the fawn coloured but I really like the blue.



I am so damn excited it's not funny. I've wanted another rabbit for years but never got one because I knew I wasn't settled down anywhere and was going to move/travel. Finally the time has come!!


  1. They are both adorable!

    There is nothing better than a good massage! Well, maybe cute bunnies!

    So is that picture of you a current pic? A pre constest pic? That is...WOW :)

  2. That pic is about 8 weeks out from my last contest! I'm never really too far off from it. Thanks :)